Frequently Asked Questions
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Why is Cerna Homecare different than the competition?

Cerna is unlike most home care agencies that focus on Activities of Daily Living (ADL) support and general assistance. In addition to ADL, Cerna practices a range of progressive techniques and stimulation helping people thrive – particularly those with cognitive impairments from neurodegenerative disorders. These processes and techniques can be duplicated and are trainable.
Cerna Homecare’s multiple levels of care extend beyond what typical senior care providers do on a day-to-day basis.

How long is the franchising process from start to finish?

This is a very common question. There are many variables such as location, history, experience, financing, etc. A typical newly established franchise owner can expect to be up and running within 3 to 6 months and most are profitable after the first 6 months.

How much can I make running a Cerna Homecare franchise?

There are state regulations that prohibit providing specific figures of what one can make as a franchise owner. However, we can share that most Cerna Homecare franchise owners meet their financial expectations within 1 to 2 years of starting their franchise.

What are all the costs involved with opening a new franchise?

This is one of the few franchise opportunities where the actual startup costs are less than $50,000. It does not require purchasing real estate or expensive equipment.

How can I determine the best location for my new franchise?

Our team is going to help you select the best territory. This would include: where you live, elder population, medical facility count and other related factors.

What training and assistance do you provide to new franchise owners?

A new franchisee can expect to be fully trained to operate a Cerna Franchise – this would also include assistance in site selection and development, field support and marketing/advertising guidance.

Are there any technical innovations that Cerna can offer franchisees?

With senior safety and aging in place of importance, Cerna Homecare has developed Assistance Now, a smart watch with fall detection and health monitoring. Franchise owners will discover this is an exciting and essential element to offer in Cerna’s comprehensive range of services aimed to help elders stay in their homes.