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Cerna steps in to provide home care when the children or spouse of an elderly or ill family member are unable to. Assisted living and nursing homes are not for everyone. Cerna offers the highest level of trained and caring care providers on a personalized basis. A Cerna Homecare franchise provides you with the foundation to build a successfuk business, be your own boss and help others.

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Franchising with Cerna is easy, with our ‘LOW COST start up program’ combined with ‘No Experience Necessary’ and some effort you could be running your own million dollar business in no time. A Cerna Homecare franchise provides you with the foundation to build a successful business with: a proven and effective marketing plan that will help you reach your local community, complete training and support team in a highly sought after industry with a secure territory and office location. With our all in approach and full scale support team you can expect to be up and running in a matter of 3 to 6 months.

Cerna offers the highest level of trained and attentive care providers on a personalized basis.

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Proven and effective marketing plan that will help you reach your local community.


Complete training road map with available support team and guidance.


Highly sought after industry with a secure territory and office location.

Our Story:

Cerna Homecare is a home care and nursing services company that specializes in care and support services for the elderly and those needing assistance. Cerna has found that enlisting a caregiver not only reduces stress among the family but also significantly improves the life of the care recipient. Cerna was founded over 12 years ago by Nick Payzant as an effort to provide a higher quality of care after he noticed unqualified caregivers and staff being sent out to vulnerable people in need. Cerna was built from the ground up to employ two different levels of care depending on the care needed. One for those losing independence and just need moderate to light assistance and another level of care for those with specific and serious conditions such as physical and cognitive impairments from general aging and/or neurodegenerative disorders.

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Why is a Cerna franchise a good decision?

  • The home care industry has never been stronger and with current demand there is a very large gap in coverage and availability.
  • Every territory is fully promoted ensuring new customers including local clinics, facilities and agencies, can, and will, find you.

Who should inquire about this opportunity?

  • Someone who has run businesses before and wants to add to their portfolio.
  • Someone who has a strong work ethic and is ready to be their own boss.
  • Someone who wants to start a business with no limits and a modest investment to get started.

What would my day-to-day be like?

  • You will be responsible for hiring and managing office staff as well as a team of care providers.
  • You will be generating new sales and leads to consistently grow your revenue, office and territory.

Why the Home Health Care Industry?

Large numbers of people aging, families working more and more and conditions such as COVID-19 have created increased demand for the home care industry. We have seen continued increased demand and expect it to continue well into the future.

The Home Care Providers industry is among the fastest growing healthcare industries in the United States. Home care saves patients billions of dollars every year by treating them in their own homes instead of in hospitals. An aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, growing physician acceptance of home care, medical advancements and a movement toward cost-efficient treatment options from public and private payers have all fostered industry revenue growth. Industry revenue has grown at an annualized rate of 2.2% to $96.9 billion over the last five years.

Many studies have shown that people with physical and cognitive impairments live longer and healthier lives while being cared for at home as opposed to living in a facility. Cerna focuses heavily on programs, tools and accountability to ensure that our care recipient is thriving, healthy and happy in their own home. As the baby boomer generation ages, now more than ever, you should know your options in caring for your loved one if they are facing general aging issues, forms of Dementia and/or other age-related issues.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that choosing a franchise
in the care sector is always a good investment.

1: Demand

Demand for senior care has been increasing at double digit rates and will continue for the next several decades. Issues such as COVID-19 have increased demand because now more than ever, our elderly want to stay safe in their own homes. This is the time to plant your flag and start building your future and legacy.

2: Strength in Numbers

Franchisees work as a team with Cerna. This benefit opens the door to a wealth of resources and guidance as a new franchisee builds their new business.

3: Scalability

Due to the demand in both the service and employment offerings, there is an opportunity to grow your business consistently. Our processes will ensure you can grow easily without having too much difficulty getting from one level to the next.

4: Brand Recognition

Cerna Homecare is one of the fastest growing and most well-known care providers in the industry. Uniquely providing specialized levels of care and continuing to set ourselves apart from the rest.

5: Highly rewarding

Delivering quality care at any time is highly fulfilling. Being able to make a discernible impact on your community by making people’s lives better will make each and every day in this business enjoyable and rewarding. Unlike most businesses, you can have both financial independence and a sense of well-being.

Our levels of care and descriptions of services are as follows

Level I – Personal Care Aid – bath visits, custodial care, basic care, meal preparation, grooming, general assistance, bathing, exercise, socialization, stimulation, outings, meal planning, hospital sitting and patient advocate.

Level II – Specialty Care – provides specific types of care – neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s Lewy bodies, stroke, ALS and others. Focuses include rehabilitative exercises, combativeness, cognitive stimulation, physical stimulation, blood/sugar and diabetes management, diet planning, cognitive progressive monitoring, fine and gross motor skill exercises, balance exercises, and more.

Dementia Care:

Cerna works with the top neurologists and dementia specialists and continues to develop the best overall program for in-home care and stimulation. Memory care is the term for a care option for people who have been diagnosed with such conditions or have problems with at least two areas of daily living (ADLs). Memory care allows a person experiencing memory loss to maintain a level of independence in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own home with professional staff. There are three categories that can greatly affect a person’s lifelong ability to cope with a cognitive impairment and thrive:

Cognitive Activity:

Activities that exercise the mind, such as interacting with music and art have proven to help neurological tissue become more vibrant. Short term memory exercises, such as “Item/Number Recall” have shown to slow down the progress of dementia and memory impairing conditions. Cerna staff uses many different exercises and programs to invoke new cognitive activity with our clients. Performance is documented and reviewed by management to ensure the right task difficulty levels are being administered at all times.

Cardiovascular Activity:

Exercises that elevate the heart rate such as walking, stretching, moving, low impact sports, “the counter exercises”, “the chair exercises” and dancing, increase blood oxygen to the brain and help combat the effects of dementia. Cerna’s in-home memory and cognition care includes an adequate amount of exercises on a daily basis to ensure vitality and performance is documented.

Lifestyle, Diet and Meal Planning:

Lifestyle management such as meal and diet planning can have great impact. Recent studies and data show that low fat, low sugar, and high omega three fatty acids improve and prolong the memory and cognition of people with cognitive impairments. Foods such as: fresh fish, nuts and seeds, whole grains, vegetables, fruits.